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Create a buzz…
In 12 simple steps
Follow these 12 straightforward steps to make
sure the anti-doping message reaches as many
of your athletes, coaches and officials as possible.

These 12 steps can easily be adapted to your situation and your resources. WADA will provide you with a 'starter kit' to help ensure the success of your outreach programs.

Our Model is based on the hands-on experience of WADA and partner organizations. The Program has been used successfully to deliver outreach at over 65 regional and world championships, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games, since 2001.
Before you start planning your outreach program,
determine what you can invest in terms of:

  • Time: Planning is a critical element for successful outreach programs and planning takes time
  • Budget: See the 3 Levels of Outreach for more information on how WADA can help
  • Staff: For event planning in the lead-up and staffing the outreach event
Review the calendar of sports events and decide which
events are the best to reach athletes and
their entourage, for example:

  • Events attended by large numbers of athletes
  • National or regional events
  • Junior-level competitions

Create banners for the event. On average, two to four
stand-alone banners
are adequate to draw attention to the program.

WADA offers, at no cost, two Play True banners to jump-start your activities. We also provide ready-to-use artwork and layouts to help you develop your own banners and leverage your visibility.

You can also request WADA's partnership logo to co-brand your banners. Simply submit the Outreach Request Form 4–6 weeks in advance of your program to receive the Outreach Model Tool Kit.
Interactive Computer Activities

During outreach events, visitors are encouraged to play fun and instructive games that teach about anti-doping issues. When participants are successful, they receive a prize. Multi-lingual handouts can be inexpensively copied to support these activities.

The interactive computer activities do not need an internet connection. They are available in many languages and can be co-branded with your logo. Simply submit the Outreach Request Form 4–6 weeks in advance.
Anti-Doping Information and Resources

WADA produces a variety of information you can distribute during outreach events. All materials can be redesigned using your organization's images or logo. WADA provides production-ready files that can easily be adapted by a local graphic designer. Other materials are provided in PDF format for easy printing.

To receive your starter kit, simply submit the Outreach Request Form 4–6 weeks in advance of your event.
Promotional Items and Incentives

Promotional items should be used as prizes to encourage athletes and officials to visit your event. Items such as T-shirts, baseball caps, sport balls, pens or key chains are used by athletes and their entourage and keep promoting clean sport long after the event is over! All items may be co-branded with WADA's partnership logo.

Say NO! to Doping
The Say NO! to Doping logo is an awareness campaign that can add another layer of interest to your outreach activities. It encourages you to create green-coloured sporting equipment for use during the warm-up period at major events. The campaign also suggests using the logo on banners and offers other innovative ideas to promote clean sport. To receive the Say NO! to Doping logo, Simply submit the Outreach Request Form 4–6 weeks in advance of your event.
Event Organizers

Contact the organizing committee of the chosen
events to explain:

  • Your goal: Emphasize the benefits of this program for the event,
    and the importance of anti-doping awareness for athletes,
    coaches and officials
  • Your logistical requirements: Plan to setup in a primary location to ensure traffic and interest.
Invite anti-doping experts to staff your event.
Perfect examples are:

  • Anti-doping administrators
  • Members of a medical commission
  • Doping control officers
  • Retired athletes who can act as ambassadors

Select representatives who are knowledgeable about anti-doping and are accountable. And remember: providing a uniform helps show their connection to the program.
Media Relations

We encourage you to hold a press conference and/or send out a press release about your activities. Outreach is a great opportunity for media to write about the good side of anti-doping. Examples of the types of media to target include:

  • Local newspapers or the sports section of major newspapers
  • General or specialized sports magazines
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter
  • If possible, invite the media to visit your outreach program
The Event!
Deliver outreach at your event. Remember to:

  • Speak to team leaders to have them encourage
    athletes and officials to visit the program
  • Involve athlete ambassadors in your program, to help
    raise its profile with fellow athletes and to drive media interest
Write a post-event report that evaluates each step in
the planning process. If possible, include:

  • Photographs
  • Athlete testimonials
  • What worked well
  • Recommendations for future events
Keep in touch!
WADA wants to hear about your outreach activities:

  • To highlight them on the WADA Web site,
    publications or social medial platforms
  • To learn from your innovations and ideas
  • To improve our program for the future!

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